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Computer Repair

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We fix PC’s and Macs of all kinds!

We specialize in repairing computer screens, but we can also fix charge ports, batteries, hard drive issues, water damage and data recovery. We offer a NO FIX NO FEE policy and free diagnostics.

Computer Repair Services

We have been in the computer repair industry for over a decade and we are one of the few shops that work on Apple products such as Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs and more. We offer a no hassle no fix no fee policy and free diagnostics. We pride ourselves on customer service and we know how important these machines are to get back up and running.

iPad Repair

Laptop Battery Replacement

Over time your laptop battery will start to die. Our computer battery replacements are quick and affordable.

Laptop Battery Replacements start at $29.99 and can be done in under thirty minutes.

Computer Virus Removal

Removing a computer virus completely can be tough job. Luckily for us our techs are some of the best repair techs in the business.

We offer free diagnostics. If we cannot fix your device we don't charge.

Computer Data Recovery

Let professionals work to recover your lost or corrupted data. We are good at what we do and have several successful recoveries.

If we cannot recover your data we do not charge!

Get Your Computer Fixed Right

You don’t need an appointment to repair your broken computer and we offer tech support after hours. Visit our local store or feel free to send us a message online.